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Crème des Crèmes Paris

Matcha Tahine

Matcha Tahine

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A Cream for Matcha lovers 🍵

Nice encounter between the Middle East with sesame, rose, pomegranate & the east of the land of the rising sun with Matcha.

A Matcha selected by Lydia Gautier (expert and sommelier in teas) which gives a power in the mouth softened by almond and sesame.

An impression of Halva balanced by the acidity of Pomegranate.

♥ Prepared by hand in a workshop in Paris ♥


  • Blond sesame
  • Sweet almonds
  • Matcha (Lydia Gautier)
  • Rosebuds (Iran)
  • Grenade 
  • Allergens: nuts, sesame, tree nuts, peanuts 
  • 170g jar

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