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Crème des Crèmes Paris

Black Sesame Cream with Satsuma Mandarin

Black Sesame Cream with Satsuma Mandarin

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Black sesame cream

"Velvet and silk are a unique recipe for putting out the kitchen fire"

A round and gourmet cream, luminous and dark, the black velvet sesame cream is surprising, original and perfectly mastered.

An alchemy operates between mandarin Satsuma and black sesame, a perfect accord, subtly bitter and sweet, sweet and powerful.

This creation by Faten Boudhina oscillates between a Japanese facet and a Mediterranean facet.


  • Japanese black sesame)
  • Organic golden sesame
  • Carob from Lebanon
  • Mandarin Satsuma from Italy
  • Tip of smoked Cyprus salt
  • 170g jar

Allergens: sesame, nuts, peanuts

Sesame is rich in vitamins B1, B2, E and A, very rich in fibers, it would fight against aging (High vitamin E content)

♥ Prepared by hand in a workshop in Paris ♥

Recipe idea:

"To simmer a hummus underlined by oregano leaves and roasted buckwheat seeds ... amazing, delicate" Sonia Ezgulian,

Photo credits: Sonia Ezgulian

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