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Crème des Crèmes Paris



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Saffron Cream

A scented sunscreen that will lift your heart.

You will have the impression of tasting a calisson, or a gazelle horn or even an old-fashioned macaron.

Almond, saffron and orange blossom bring color, smell and sweetness in the mouth and will flavor your pan-fried vegetables, your risotto or your dessert.

Ingredients: sweet almonds and whole almonds (Maison Boudina Paris) 80%, candied oranges with orange blossom honey 10%, orange blossom and Iranian saffron 10%.


Weight: 160g

Price: 14,00€

🖤 ​​Recipes

  • Ricotta with Saffron Cream, pecan nuts and osmanthus: mix ricotta with a touch of fresh cream, place in a bowl and decorate with pecan nuts and osmanthus flowers
  • Mango and Saffron Lassi: choose a milk that suits your taste, add mango wedges and 1 tsp of Saffron Cream. Blend in a blender and serve with ice cubes
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