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Crème des Crèmes Paris

Kindal Kindal

Kindal Kindal

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K indal Kindal is the name given by the Aborigines to the macadamia nut when they discovered it 5000 years ago on the coast of Queensland.

It is also a consistent cream because this fruit contains good fat thanks to the presence of many unsaturated fatty acids and palmitoleic acids.

An excellent source of energy, it is combined with almonds and flavored with dried mandarin segments which give it that orange color.

A festive Cream before the holidays since it goes well with seafood, cheeses and white meats.

Ingredients: macadamia nuts (Australia) 40%, almonds (Italy) 40%, dried mandarin wedges (15%), wildflower honey (France) 5%

Weight: 160 grams

Storage: at room temperature, away from a heat source and protected from light


Recipe ideas:

  • Chocolate cake: make a classic chocolate cake without too much sugar and coat it with Kindal Kindal Cream which is made of whole fruits. Chocolate goes very well with this nut and tangerine gives it a tangy and gourmet touch.
  • Yogurt cake and Chantilly cream with Kindal Kindal
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