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Crème des Crèmes Paris



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Kyphi Cream

An interpretation of the sacred incense of the pharaohs which has no less than 16 ingredients listed and inscribed on the walls of the Pyramid of Edfu.

A beneficial cream with notes of fragrant tiger nut and vinegar and whose composition is infinitely rich.

A collaboration of Crème des Crèmes Paris with Maison Jardin d'Ecrivains around the Kyphi to discover and offer!

Ingredients :

  • Sweet almonds (Maison Boudina Paris)
  • Organic tiger nut (Africa)
  • Blond and black sesame (Japan)
  • Vinegar mint and honey (Iran)

    Weight: 160g
    Price: 14.50€

      Allergens : nuts, sesame, peanuts, nuts

      Storage: at room temperature

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